Crossway Church

The 10.00 am Combined Service on Sunday 8th April will be held at the Queen Street Centre. The guest Preacher is Susan Blaikie. Susan, as Mission Catalyst for Presbyterian Central, will be helping CrossWay Church develop our Mission plan. It will reflect what, and how, CrossWay will focus on in order to strengthen and broaden our Missional response in the Masterton Community. To help achieve this, Susan will be working with CrossWay to complete a survey, and then lead two separate one-day workshops with a small cross-section of the church. The survey will take place on Sunday 8th April 2018 where Susan will be preaching at a Combined Service of CrossWay at the Queen Street Centre. The survey takes about 10 minutes and will be done toward the end of the service.
The first of the one-day workshops (with a good cross section of the CrossWay community) will cover qualities of a ‘Missional Church,’ and then we’ll spend time identifying shared values, as well as unearthing areas that CrossWay may find challenging in our life as a ‘Missional Church.’
The second one-day work-shop will be spent on what goals and objectives CrossWay wish to focus on over the next two years. This will include affirming what is already going well in the Missional life of CrossWay, as well as setting a clear direction for areas where it needs to be challenged or strengthened, as well as new directions.
Once we’ve finished these work-shops, two key booklets summarising the mission plan and ‘who we’re about at CrossWay’ will be socialised with the Parish Council for review and approval, and then will be given out to the congregation.
Susan is very mush looking forward to working closely with as all over the next couple of months.