Crossway Church

During the Joint Communion Service on Sunday 2nd September a special Congregational Meeting will be held to vote on the matters shown below.
Vote One: Rev Bobby Kusilifu on 2nd June 2018 has completed his original Contract of 5 years Ministry with our Parish. The regulations of our Partner Churches require us to enter into a new Contract for continued full time Ministry. Following the Presbyterian Ministry Review, Parish Council has called this Special Congregational meeting to vote on our preference of the following options – Presbytery has the final say.
1. “That we will invite the Rev Bobby Kusilifu to complete one more year as our Minister and finish on the 2nd June 2019.”
2. “That we will invite Rev Bobby Kusilifu to take up another 2 year term as our Minister and finish on 2nd June 2020.”
Vote 2: Presbyterian Central Mission Catalyst Rev Susan Blaikie, with a group of Parish and Congregational members have produced two booklets:
1. ‘WHO WE ARE’ Which outlines what we’re about at CrossWay Church. It answers what we most value and what is our focus. In summary, an overview of our unique shape or DNA.
2. “OUR MISSION PLAN’ This book briefly outlines what we will focus on from 2018-2020. It outlines what our people and resources will be dedicated to in response to our Mission.
Having distributed the booklets, discussed them in “Cafe Church” on 29th July 2018 and more widely amongst ourselves, you are all invited to express your willingness to adopt the Mission Plan and support the recommended action plan, as we endeavour to become a Missional Church in Masterton.