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Samoan Fellowship

O le loto faafetai o le Ekalesia e fa’aleoina i le gagana a le fai Salamo e faapea “lou agaga e, ia faamanu atu ia Ioava, o mea uma foi I totonu ia te au ia faamanu I lona suafa paia, aua foi ne’i galo se mea e tasi o ana meaalofa pei o “agava’a” ma le “poto’’ tasi nei meaalofa tama a le Atua mo lana tagata ina ia mafai ai e le tagata ona faailoa ma molimau atu le Atua I soo se mea o ia o le tufuga ma le mataisau o le “OLA” “.
O agavae ia ma le poto o le Atua, ua faailoa ina Iaga tagata I Masetone nei, ina ua faatapulaia le Ekalesia, ma le fa’atinoina o le feau ma le galuega
O ana saunuiga i le gagana Samoa – 12.00pm Aso Sa 2, 3 & 4
O Aoga Aso Sa 10.30am
O Aoga Autalavo – uma ole lotu aso sa muamua
Pese a le aufaipese 5pm aso Faraile
Aoga Failauga Aso Sa muamua.


Christmas/New Year Services

Sunday 9th December: 10am. at Queen Street Centre for morning Worship and Noon for Samoan Language Service.
Sunday 16th September: 10am at Queen Street Centre for morning worship and Noon for Samoan Language Service.
Sunday 16th December: 7pm at Rangitumau Church for Carols and lessons.
Monday 24th December: 7pm at Totara Street Centre for Christmas Eve Carols and Lessons.
Tuesday 25th December: 9am at Queen Street Centre for Christmas Day Service.
Sunday 30th December: 10am at Queen Street Hall for Cafe Service.
Monday 31st December: 11pm at Queen Street for Watch-night Service.
Sunday 6th January: 10am at Queen Street Centre for Combined Communion Service.
Sunday 13th January: 10am at Queen Street Centre for morning Worship. Samoan Language Service at Noon.


Our 2018 Christmas Float

Our Christmas Float 2018



We would like everyone to at least attend one session to learn about ALPHA or to be prepared to lead an ALPHA group.
Please pick a date/time and make every effort to be there. Here are the dates:
Thursday 8th November. 7 pm – 8pm (There will be coffee & dessert)
Saturday 10th November. 12 noon – 1 pm (There will be soups and rolls)
Wednesday 14th November. 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm. (There will be afternoon tea)
Friday 16th November, 10.30 am – 11.30 am (There will be morning tea)


Current Notices

Sunday 21st October at 7.00pm at St Matthews Church, Masterton. A special choral evensong complete with choir and candles. Celebrating Wairarapa Health Services. The offering at the service will be donated to the Wairarapa Chaplaincy.
Wednesday 24th October 12.45 – 1.30pm. CPR (Cuppa, Prayer, Revive) in the Fellowship lounge, Totara Street Centre. Bring lunch. All welcome.
Tuesday 13th November. Final afternoon for Women’s Fellowship this year. An afternoon tea is being held at Dish. $10 per person. Contacts are: Dorothy Hodge, Audrey Fleury or Margaret Lennox if you are wishing to attend.
Rev. Bobby Kusilifu is available on Monday and Wednesday mornings at the Totara Street Centre Office and at the Queen Street Centre Office on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
From the Newspaper: In the Church it is possible you will hear ‘The Call of God.’ However it is unlikely he will call on your mobile – thank you for turning it off. If you want to talk to God choose and enter a quiet place and talk to him. If you want to see him, send him a text whilst you are driving.


7th October Notices

White Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday 14th October. Following the service there will be a Special Morning Tea.
The Fair Day Fund runs from 9th September until 4th November. The idea for this fund is that you donate the equivalent dollar amount to that which you would spend at a Church Fair. Alternatively you can donate the equivalent of winning lotto if you wish.
A big thank you to all who contributed to the Hospital Chaplaincy Concert last Sunday afternoon. A total of $1,161.60 was raised. Well done.
Movie Fundraiser for MFESC (Childcare) A Star is Born – Regent Theatre Thursday 18th October 7.15pm. Tickets $20 (incl wine and nibbles) available from B W O’Brien, 138 Dixon Street or from MFESC.


Hospital Chaplaincy Fundraiser


Notice of Special Congregational Meeting

During the Joint Communion Service on Sunday 2nd September a special Congregational Meeting will be held to vote on the matters shown below.
Vote One: Rev Bobby Kusilifu on 2nd June 2018 has completed his original Contract of 5 years Ministry with our Parish. The regulations of our Partner Churches require us to enter into a new Contract for continued full time Ministry. Following the Presbyterian Ministry Review, Parish Council has called this Special Congregational meeting to vote on our preference of the following options – Presbytery has the final say.
1. “That we will invite the Rev Bobby Kusilifu to complete one more year as our Minister and finish on the 2nd June 2019.”
2. “That we will invite Rev Bobby Kusilifu to take up another 2 year term as our Minister and finish on 2nd June 2020.”
Vote 2: Presbyterian Central Mission Catalyst Rev Susan Blaikie, with a group of Parish and Congregational members have produced two booklets:
1. ‘WHO WE ARE’ Which outlines what we’re about at CrossWay Church. It answers what we most value and what is our focus. In summary, an overview of our unique shape or DNA.
2. “OUR MISSION PLAN’ This book briefly outlines what we will focus on from 2018-2020. It outlines what our people and resources will be dedicated to in response to our Mission.
Having distributed the booklets, discussed them in “Cafe Church” on 29th July 2018 and more widely amongst ourselves, you are all invited to express your willingness to adopt the Mission Plan and support the recommended action plan, as we endeavour to become a Missional Church in Masterton.


Church Notices from 22nd July 2018

Friday 27th July: Hour of Power 12.15pm – 1.15pm at Queen Street Centre. Regular 1 hour of prayer seeking guidance for our Parish. Come for all or part of the time.
Saturday 4th August: Parish Pot Luck Dinner in the Queen Street Centre Hall commencing at 5.30pm. You should attend a time of Food, Fellowship, Family and Fun.
Mingle Mart Request: We are looking for some more volunteers to staff the Mingle Mart. Our hours are 9.30am – 11.45am Monday to Friday. The staff work in pairs. If you would like to be involved in this Outreach please contact Marion on 379-6519 or leave your name and telephone number at the Queen Street Office.
Help! Is someone available to assist with in the Queen Street Office on a Wednesday 9.30am – 11.30am. Please contact Judith on 378-2778.
CrossWay Church’s new email address is:
Prayer Chain Contact: As Kay and Bruce have stepped down from this position, we are looking for a new Co-ordinator. If you feel this is something you would like to do please contact Margaret at 370-8111. Thank you Kay and Bruce for all the work you have put in.


Parish Pot-Luck Dinner

Mark your calendar! On Saturday 4th August there will be a CrossWay Church Parish Pot-Luck dinner in the Queen Street Centre hall commencing at 5.30 p.m.


St James Invitation

The congregations of CrossWay Church have been invited to a St. James Luncheon at St James Church, High Street at 12.30 p.m. on Sunday 22nd July. There will be a variety of hot soups and buns provided. It would be appreciated if those attending were able to bring a small sweet plate to go with tea and coffee.


Garage Sale

Garage Sale this Saturday 14th July at Totara Street Centre Hall. Books, Household items, Tools, Bargains for everyone including a special 20c table. Contact: Ivan Rose 377-0674.


Review Team Visit

On Wednesday 4th July the Central Presbytery Ministerial Review team will be visiting CrossWay Church. The team members are the Very Rev Pamela Tankersley, Rev Ian Boddy (Methodist Church Rep.) and Mrs Margaret Powell. They will meet congregation members at 12 Noon (over lunch) until 2pm. Individual appointments from 3 – 5pm. And Parish Council (over dinner.) Everyone is encouraged to participate in this review. The key questions are: 1. Do the minister and congregation continue to have a sense of God’s call to work together in this Parish? For how long a period? 2. What emphasis in ministry are needed to grow CrossWay church in it’s mission ‘To make Christ Visible in the Community?’


Church Notices

Tuesday 1st May 2.00 pm Pastoral Care Meeting at Totara Street Centre.
Wednesday 2nd May 12.15 pm CPR (Cuppa, Prayer, Restoration) at Totara Street Centre. All welcome.
Friday 4th May 12.15 pm Hour of Prayer at Queen Street Centre. Come for all or part of the time.
Sunday 6th May 10.00 am Combined Communion Service at Queen Street Centre.
Tuesday 8th May 1.30 pm Women’s Fellowship meets in the Drummond Room at Totara Street Centre.
Sunday 13th May 10.00 am Combined Service at Queen Street Centre for Home and Family Sunday.
Food Bank Request: The Food Bank require Margarine containers and Egg cartons. Please put them in the food baskets at the Church.


Cafe Style Service

On Sunday 29th April CrossWay Church Masterton will hold a combined Cafe Style Service commencing at 10.00 am in the Queen Street Centre hall. It will be a thanksgiving service based upon the Good Samaritan Experience. Come along and enjoy a relaxed style of service and share your ‘Good Samaritan’ experience – be it good or bad. A non-perishable food item for the Child Care Centre would be appreciated. There will be a Koha towards the Hospital Chaplaincy.


Samoan Fellowship Notices

Sunday 15th April at the Samoan Language Service at Noon the Rev Utuau’u Pupulu, new Minister from Wellington will be preaching.
Sunday 29th April at the Noon Samoan language Service the Rev Paulo Leli from Auckland will be preaching. Lunch in the hall will follow this service.


Guest Preacher 8th April

The 10.00 am Combined Service on Sunday 8th April will be held at the Queen Street Centre. The guest Preacher is Susan Blaikie. Susan, as Mission Catalyst for Presbyterian Central, will be helping CrossWay Church develop our Mission plan. It will reflect what, and how, CrossWay will focus on in order to strengthen and broaden our Missional response in the Masterton Community. To help achieve this, Susan will be working with CrossWay to complete a survey, and then lead two separate one-day workshops with a small cross-section of the church. The survey will take place on Sunday 8th April 2018 where Susan will be preaching at a Combined Service of CrossWay at the Queen Street Centre. The survey takes about 10 minutes and will be done toward the end of the service.
The first of the one-day workshops (with a good cross section of the CrossWay community) will cover qualities of a ‘Missional Church,’ and then we’ll spend time identifying shared values, as well as unearthing areas that CrossWay may find challenging in our life as a ‘Missional Church.’
The second one-day work-shop will be spent on what goals and objectives CrossWay wish to focus on over the next two years. This will include affirming what is already going well in the Missional life of CrossWay, as well as setting a clear direction for areas where it needs to be challenged or strengthened, as well as new directions.
Once we’ve finished these work-shops, two key booklets summarising the mission plan and ‘who we’re about at CrossWay’ will be socialised with the Parish Council for review and approval, and then will be given out to the congregation.
Susan is very mush looking forward to working closely with as all over the next couple of months.


Easter Services

Our Easter Services 2018 are as follows:
Good Friday 30th March: 9.00am Combined Service at Totara Street Centre.
Easter Sunday 1st April: 10.00am Combined Service at Queen Street Centre.


Christmas & New Year Services

24th December: 9.30 am Totara Street Centre. 10.30 am Queen Street Centre. (Pre-service ‘Cuppa’ and Fellowship starts at 10 am.) Samoan language Service commences at Noon at Queen Street Centre.
25th December: Combined 9 am Service at Queen Street Centre. No service at Totara Street Centre.
31 December: 10.30 am Combined Service at Queen Street Centre. (5th Sunday of the month service.) No service at Totara Street Centre. 11 pm Samoan Fellowship New Year’s Eve Watchnight Service at the Queen Street Centre.


Totara Street Centre

CrossWay Church Totara Street Centre came into being with the amalgamation of Lansdowne Presbyterian & St Luke’s Union Churches in 2016. Lansdowne Presbyterian Church was built in 1912 as an extension of Knox Church to serve the Northern end of Masterton and the outlying rural areas. The churches at Mauriceville, Kopuaranga, Rangitumau and Bideford were all ministered to by Lansdowne Presbyterian Church. With the growth of the Lansdowne suburb in the 1960’s it was necessary to enlarge the Church and add new Sunday School rooms. This was completed in 1965. Well served by a variety of ministers and hard working Elders and Managers, Lansdowne has, and continues to be, a landmark in the area. Its outreach into the Community is well known. With a smaller and ageing congregation Lansdowne has now returned to its roots. With a positive outlook the congregation look forward to growth and being a continued witness to the love of God in this community.


Queen Street Centre.

Queen Street Centre formed with the amalgamation of St Luke’s Union Church and Lansdowne Presbyterian Church in 2016. St Luke’s Church formed in 1973 when Wesley Methodist and Knox Presbyterian Churches formed a Union Parish. The red brick church had been re-roofed and redecorated six years earlier upon the centenary of Presbyterianism in the Masterton district. Both churches had histories of more than 100 years. The first church on the Knox site was a wooden building opened in 1869. It was replaced in 1905 with a brick church. This was enlarged in 1909 to accommodate the pipe organ still in use today and to provide additional seating. The wooden building had been moved behind the church and served as a hall and Sunday school rooms. This burnt down in 1938 and was replaced by McGregor hall. That hall was invaluable when the church was damaged and unable to be used for ten years after the 1942 earthquake. Knox reopened in 1952.



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Reading Buddies

If you have impaired eye sight, or for any other reason are unable to read, and would appreciate someone reading to you please either ensure either yourself or someone else makes contact with the Church Office to source a reader for you. A suitable time will be arranged when a church member will be able to visit you and read aloud to you whatever you wish, be it a book or a newspaper or church newsletter.


Home Communion

Celebration of Holy Communion is available personally in your own home if you are unable to make it to either centre for whatever reason. Should you wish to access this service please contact either the Minister or the Office in the first instance.


Womens Fellowship

Tuesday 13th March: 1.30pm Women’s Fellowship meet in the Drummond Room at Totara St Centre.,/div>


Sunday Evening Services

Sunday Evening Services are held at 6 pm on the first Sunday in the month at the Totora Street Centre commencing with a ‘cuppa’ and a chat.
All welcome!


Bible Study

Weekly bible studies commence on Wednesday 18th July. The study looks at the different kinds of people who encountered Jesus and how they responded. They are held at the Queen Street Centre Office on Wednesdays. The afternoon group meets at 2pm until 3pm and the evening group from 7pm until 8pm. All are welcome to join these groups at any stage and for as long as they wish.



CPR – Cuppa, Prayer and Restoration. Meet on Wednesdays at 12.15 pm to 1 pm in the Totara Street Centre Fellowship Lounge.
Everyone welcome to drop in and join us!


We’d love to hear from you!


Phone us on 06 378 6152,




or send us a message:


Crossway Church Logo

Morning Worship Service on 26th January 2020 starts at 10 a.m. at Queen Street Centre. Samoan Language Service starts at Noon. You are all welcome to attend.   

Morning Worship on 26th January 2020 is at Queen Street Centre starting at 10 a.m. You are all welcome to join us for Fellowship.
Morning Worship on 26th January 2020 starts at 10 a.m. Samoan Language Service starts at Noon. Come and check us out!
Our monthly evening service at Totara Street Centre will be on Sunday (1st November) starting at 6.00 pm with a cuppa. This is an informal time with opportunities for testimonies, prayers for healing and encouragement. Everyone is Welcome!
CPR  Cuppa, Prayer and Revive. We meet on Wednesdays at 12.45 – 1.30 p.m. in the Totara Street Centre Fellowship Lounge. You are welcome to come along for a time of refreshment and companionship.
The CrossWay Church Masterton ALPHA COURSE has finished. Another course is planned in the near future. Current Christians, ‘seekers’, and anyone else interested in Christianity are all welcome This course explores the big issues around faith and unpacks the basics of Christianity. Keep an eye open for the start date. All are welcome.
Women’s Fellowship will meet at noon on Tuesday 12th October in the Drummond Room at the Totara Street Centre. You are welcome to come and share in this time of community and friendship.

We are a Methodist-Presbyterian Joint Parish with a vision to make Christ visible in our community.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believed in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Queen St Centre.
Crossway Church Queen Street Centre came into being following the amalgamation of St Luke’s Union Church and Lansdowne Presbyterian Church in 2016. St Luke’s Church came into being in 1973 when the congregations of Wesley Methodist and Knox Presbyterian Churches joined together to form a Union Parish. Further information listed on the blog page.
Queen St Centre
Totara St Centre came into being in 2016 when Lansdowne & St Luke’s combined. Lansdowne Presbyterian Church was built in 1912 as an extension of Knox Church to serve the Northern end of Masterton and the outlying rural areas. The churches at Mauriceville, Kopuaranga, Rangitumau and Bideford were all ministered to by Lansdowne Presbyterian Church.Further information listed on the blog page.
Totara St Centre

Crossway Church – Queen Street Centre

Crossway Church – Totara Street Centre

Corner of Queen Street and Worksop Road.

Corner of Totara Street and Te Ore Ore Road.

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